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Child custody can be a contentious and emotional issue for both married and unmarried couples in New York. Often, both parents want the best for their children, but disagree about how to serve those interests. Even when parents do agree about custody, these are often clients who are bracing for dramatic changes in their family dynamic and want to know that their role in their child's life will be preserved.

At Arevalo Law, PLLC, we have helped various parents face child custody issues both in and outside of divorce cases. Ideas about child custody have evolved dramatically over the years and the State of New York wants to see both parents make a considerable effort to collaborate and raise children together. Our knowledgeable New York City child custody attorney knows how to navigate this process and ensure that our client's voice is heard.

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Types of Custody & Best Interests of the Child

There are essentially four types of child custody in New York. Legal custody means that the parent can legally make decisions in the child's life. Physical custody means that child primarily resides with the parent, who takes care of most of the child's day-to-day needs. Sole custody means that one parent has both legal and physical custody. Joint custody is when parents share physical custody and legal custody. Not long ago, joint custody was rare, but it has become more and more common.

The court will decide custody by assessing the child's best interests. This includes:

  • The parents' ability to collaborate and communicate with one another
  • The household of each parent (location and characteristics)
  • Any health concerns the parents or children have
  • The child's schooling and ties to the community
  • The child's relationship with other members of the family
  • The parent's schedules, employment, and ability to care for the child
  • Any history of domestic violence or substance abuse
  • The child's preference (if they are old enough)

These are just a few of the many factors that go into assessing a child's best interests. If you have concerns about your child's best interests that you want to make sure are given the proper consideration, your counsel can ensure that those concerns are properly voiced before the judge.

Visitation in New York

The State of New York does, in some cases, grants visitation rights to children to individuals who are not their parents (most commonly grandparents). In some cases, parents need to petition for visitation as well (if they have not been granted custody). Whatever your circumstances, our firm can help ensure that the importance of your role in the child's life

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