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Child support is a key determination for divorced (and some unmarried) parents. As parents, many clients facing a child support issue want the best for their children but are either worried about receiving enough support or maintaining their own financial solvency. If you are facing a child support concern or complication, knowledgeable counsel can help you fight for a favorable resolution.

Clients who come to Arevalo Law, PLLC can count on a personalized, compassionate approach to legal issues concerning their loved ones. No two families are alike and our New York child support lawyer tailors her counsel to meet the unique needs and concerns of her clients. Both in and outside the courtroom, our clients' can trust that their child custody matter will be handled with tenacity and insight.

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Understanding Child Support in NY

Child support is awarded to the custodial parent by a non-custodial parent to pay for things essential to a child's upbringing. While the court determines the amount of child support, parents can voice concerns and circumstances they feel should be reflected in the final determination.

Some important key factors to remember about child support in New York:

  • The court uses a formula to calculate what child support should be.
  • Judges can divert from this formula as they see fit for specific family needs.
  • The amount of owed child support increases with multiple children.
  • Child support can be modified at a later date if a family's circumstances change.
  • Child support generally is paid until a child becomes 21 years old.
  • Failure to pay child support can lead to various legal penalties.

New York Paternity Lawyer

Paternity is often a key critical step for unmarried parents who are looking to establish child support and child custody. Whether you are a mother who is looking to enforce child support or you are a father looking to build a role in your child's life, contact us at Arevalo Law, PLLC today. We realize that paternity is a sensitive matter and we approach these matters with candor and compassion.

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