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If you're facing a family law issue, you probably have significant concerns about your future, your finances, and the well-being of your loved ones. This is a practice area where emotions can run high and confronting legal complications can be disruptive and exhausting. This is why it is critical to partner with trusted legal counsel—to ensure that favorable remedies are swiftly and efficiently pursued on your behalf.

At Arevalo Law, PLLC, we understand the anxiety and hardships individuals and families face as they grapple with serious legal issues. Whether you and your family are dealing with an issue in the aftermath of a divorce, fighting for parental rights, or ensuring financial solvency for you and your children, our experienced and dedicated New York City family lawyer can ensure that your interests are protected, rights are asserted, and your voice is heard.

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Our Approach

Family law is a notoriously dynamic area of the law and known to be emotionally and mentally taxing for clients who are in need legal solutions. At our firm, we make it a point to partner with our family law clients, learn about their lives, their concerns, their goals, and ensure that our approach to their case prioritizes their needs (and their peace of mind).

Our clients can expect:

  • Informed, aggressive counsel that diligently pursues favorable results
  • A trial-ready approach that ensures they're ready for court, hearings, negotiations, etc.
  • Accessible, responsive representation that keeps them in the loop
  • Compassionate advocacy that makes client interests a priority
  • Knowledgeable, prepared legal acumen both in and outside the courtroom

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