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When a divorce is finalized, its terms are meant to serve the couple into the foreseeable future. However, the future is not always foreseeable and people experience changes in their lives. When this occurs, it is often necessary for divorced spouses to re-approach the court and petition for a change in the terms of their divorce.

If you believe that your life has changed enough to warrant a change in your divorce terms, Arevalo Law, PLLC is ready to speak with you. While these modifications are allowed, this process must be carefully and thoughtfully approached. Our New York City modification attorney partners closely with our divorced clients to understand their hardships and what can be done to petition for more tenable divorce terms.

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Grounds for a Modification

Divorced individuals are allowed to re-approach the court if they believe that there have been major changes in their life that are preventing them from paying spousal maintenance, child support, or actively participate in child custody. It is up to the individual to provide adequate proof of these changes and illustrate how the changes are prohibitive.

Common grounds for modifications in New York include:

  • Change or loss of employment
  • An injury or health issue
  • Remarriage
  • Relocation
  • A 15% change in income (for child support)

It's important to understand that modifications must be court-approved. Many co-parents and ex-spouses believe they can come to some sort of private agreement on these matters, but it if a falling out ever were to occur and the court discovers that the divorce terms weren't honored as they were written, significant legal complications can follow. If you have questions about a modification following your divorce, our firm is ready to answer your questions.

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