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Spousal maintenance can be ordered to assist a dependent spouse so that they can maintain their lifestyle for a limited amount of time during and after a divorce. The court's treatment of spousal maintenance (commonly called alimony) has changed over the years, but it remains a critical determination in the divorce process. Whether you are a paying or dependent spouse, it's critical that you approach spousal maintenance issues with a diligent and knowledgeable attorney in your corner.

Clients that choose Arevalo Law, PLLC often have alimony goals and concerns as they proceed with their divorce. We work closely with these clients to understand the lifestyle of their marriage, the claims of opposing spouse, and what can be done to ensure that the alimony determination will be thoroughly considered and fair. Talk with our New York City spousal maintenance lawyer today to learn more about your divorce case.

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Understanding Alimony in New York

For years, alimony would regularly be awarded in perpetuity and be a major financial burden for the paying spouse. However, the court's perspective on alimony has changed. It is calculated differently now and most often awarded as temporary assistance while the dependent spouse transitions to life post-marriage.

What does the court consider in a spousal maintenance determination?

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The marital estate
  • The personal property of both parties
  • The age and health of both parties
  • The living arrangements of both parties
  • The contributions either party made to the marital estate
  • The effect the marriage had on either party's career trajectory (or education)
  • The earning capacities of both parties (current and future)
  • Any child support/custody arrangements
  • Any health insurance considerations
  • Any tax considerations

There are general parameters the court will follow to determine what alimony should be in each couple's case. However, it is up to the individual spouses and their counsel to raise specific concerns and issues they believe should be incorporated into the final decision. At Arevalo Law, PLLC, we can ensure that those concerns are vividly articulated and that your financial well-being remains a priority during this process.

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